why I write

I had to produce an artist statement for a writing competition. Here it is:

When I was young, I took my time to learn about life and art and writing – getting a BA in Communications and a BFA in studio art, while working and travelling. I received accolades and awards as an artist and government writer/manager.

Six years ago I had open heart surgery for a birth defect. The mystery of being alive made me want to tell stories, especially mysteries. In 2017 I joined the Sunnyside Writers Group (led by Ottawa author, MichaelFStewart), and later, the Writers Collective of Canada (WCC). Since 2021, I’ve been published in three anthologies and a Canadian architectural journal, ON SITE review 40.

My writing is linked to my love of nature and community and family. I get ideas from caring for my witty but elderly mother, and volunteering with PAL Ottawa (affordable arts housing), TreeSongs.ca, Hospice Care Ottawa, and an antiracism and reconciliation group.

Published by Karen Joan Watson

Writer and visual artist, former Government of Canada manager in marketing-communications. Current projects on belonging, family genetics (heart), geography and natural cycles of growth and decay. Expressed through eco-art installation, writing fiction, memoir and poetry. Caregivers tale in "Memory and Acceptance: Lessons from my mother" in anthology, Voices of the 21st Century: Conscious Caring Women (22/02/2022 Women Speakers Association, publishers); Heart journey is "The Answer is To Be!" in anthology, Voices of the 21st Century: Resilient Women Who Rise and Make a Difference (2021, Women Speakers Association) - kjwatson.ca

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