COMING in June 2022: BOOK CHAPTER, “Swimming Trilogy” in Write On! III, published by the Writers Collective of Canada – about swimming and surviving: Grace Under Fire, Amazing Grace, Grace Full

NEW: 23/04/2022, PRESENTATION “Mother Hibiscus” at Chris White’s Save the Trees at the Ottawa Grassroots Festival, including READING of David Wagoner’s poem “LOST”

NEW: 03/2022, ESSAY – Read my piece on p. 56, “For the Love of Books” in ON SITE REVIEW 40: the architect’s library – a love story about the path to books and libraries

23/03/2022, VIDEO, Voices5 “Memory and Acceptance” caregiving interview (12.5 mins, YouTube) It was fun to be interviewed recently by Gail Watson, Editor and WSA Publisher of Voices of the 21st Century: Conscious Caring Women Who Make a Difference. We talked about my chapter about the caregiving role for my elderly mother with memory loss.

06/03/2022: PRESENTATION at Chris White’s Tree House for Tree Songs 4 – on ECO-ART and childhood cairn-building

NEW: 02/22/2022, BOOK CHAPTER, Voices5LAUNCHED: caregiving chapter, “Memory and Acceptance, Lessons from my mother” in the collaborative anthology of 50 women, Voices of the 21st Century: Conscious Caring Women Who Make a Difference (WSA Publishing, 2022)

01/2022, PRESENTATION and VIDEO, at Chris White’s Tree House for Tree Songs 3, — video Tree Songs 3 video and presentation on ECO-ART installation “Crown of Thorns” (10 mins)

09/2021, ARTICLE in NEWSPAPER, “Vote” in Parliament Street News, Toronto, Ontario

08/2021, VIDEO ON WRITING, Karen Joan Watson – Interview “on writing” by Canadian Military Spouses Book Club lead, Christine Snider, who asks questions about why and what I write. It’s fun! (20 mins)

06/2021, BOOK at LIBRARY – Borrow Voices4 from the Library: As part of making my heart story available, you can now borrow our book from the Ottawa Public Library: Voices of the 21st Century: Resilient Women Who Rise and Make a Difference (WSA, 2021)

03/2021, VIDEO INTERVIEW, ECO-ART, 2021 Karen Joan Watson, Eco-Artist and Author, Ottawa, Canada” – by Arts vlogger on Multiple Arts on Vimeo (45 mins)

23/02/2021, VIDEO CELEBRATION, Voices4 LAUNCH, Thank you for making us 40 diverse women internationally best-selling Voices4 co-authors! Meet the authors – Launch party (video of 50 mins; Karen at 3.08 minute-mark) Broadcast February. 23, 2021

23/02/2021, BOOK REVIEWS, Voices4 Reviews – from Amazon and

Buy a personalized print copy of Voices4 and Voices5

01/2021, Voices4 Heart story video: Video Interview by publisher-editor of Voices of the 21st Century, Gail Watson (11 mins)

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