NEW: AGO 2020-to-present: My pencil drawing, “Covid Selfie, Left Handed” #selfportrait  was one of 3000 artworks in the online art exhibition, “Portraits of Resilience” and part of the #ArtGalleryofOntario’s major art exhibition of 2022, “I AM HERE: Home Movies and Everyday Masterpieces.” Search under “Karen Joan Watson” and enjoy the other artists’ work and stories.

07/06/2022: Dive in to my “Swimming Anthology” about swimming and surviving: Grace Under Fire, Amazing Grace, Grace Full. The trilogy is available to read in anthology, Front Lines: Courage, available on Amazon – (published by Sonderho Press, Prescott ON) and led by the Writers Collective of Canada

23/04/2022, PRESENTATION “Mother Hibiscus” at Chris White’s Save the Trees at the Ottawa Grassroots Festival, including READING of David Wagoner’s poem “LOST”

03/2022, ESSAY love of books – Read my piece on p. 56, “For the Love of Books” in ON SITE REVIEW 40: the architect’s library – a love story about the path to books and libraries with flavours of Italy.

23/03/2022, VIDEO INTERVIEW, Voices5 “Memory and Acceptance” caregiving strategies (12.5 mins, YouTube) It was fun to be interviewed recently by Gail Watson, Editor and WSA Publisher of Voices of the 21st Century: Conscious Caring Women Who Make a Difference. We talked about my chapter about the caregiving role for my elderly mother with memory loss.

06/03/2022: PRESENTATION at Chris White’s Tree House for Tree Songs 4 – on ECO-ART and childhood cairn-building

02/22/2022, BOOK CHAPTER, Voices5, caregiving chapter, “Memory and Acceptance, Lessons from my mother” in the collaborative anthology of 50 women, Voices of the 21st Century: Conscious Caring Women Who Make a Difference (WSA Publishing, 2022)

01/2022, PRESENTATION and VIDEO, at Chris White’s Tree House for Tree Songs 3, — video Tree Songs 3 video and presentation on ECO-ART installation “Crown of Thorns” (10 mins)

09/2021, ARTICLE in NEWSPAPER, “Vote” in Parliament Street News, Toronto, Ontario

08/2021, VIDEO ON WRITING, Karen Joan Watson – Interview “on writing” by Canadian Military Spouses Book Club lead, Christine Snider, who asks questions about why and what I write. It’s fun! (20 mins)

06/2021, BOOK at Ottawa Public LIBRARY – Borrow Voices4 from the Library: As part of making my heart story available, you can now borrow our book from the Ottawa Public Library: Voices of the 21st Century: Resilient Women Who Rise and Make a Difference (WSA, 2021)

03/2021, VIDEO INTERVIEW, ECO-ART, 2021 Karen Joan Watson, Eco-Artist and Author, Ottawa, Canada” – by Arts vlogger on Multiple Arts on Vimeo (45 mins)

23/02/2021, VIDEO CELEBRATION, Voices4 LAUNCH, Thank you for making us 40 diverse women internationally best-selling Voices4 co-authors! Meet the authors – Launch party (video of 50 mins; Karen at 3.08 minute-mark) Broadcast February. 23, 2021

23/02/2021, BOOK REVIEWS, Voices4 Reviews – from Amazon and

Buy a personalized print copy of Voices4 and Voices5

01/2021, Voices4 Heart story video: Video Interview by publisher-editor of Voices of the 21st Century, Gail Watson (11 mins)

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