Why is this woman smiling?

Moi, je suis une luddite, so in fact, the smile may be a grimace…

I am creating this site for writing and art about belonging.

I’m now the co-author of an internationally best-selling anthology and I thank those who have helped make this happen, Karen

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Heart Blog

New: Caregiver’s story “Memory and Acceptance, Lessons from my mother” (02/02/2022); Heart story in Voices4: Voices of the 21st Century: Resilient Women Who Rise and Make a Difference, Heart sisters, Women@Heart of CWHHC, Bicuspid Aortic Valve Surgery at UOHI, Open Heart Surgery, Heart genetics, Caregivers, living with uncertainty (see Heart Blog page)

Video interview with publisher of Voices of the 21st Century, Gail Watson (11 mins)

PURCHASE signed copy of international best-seller, Voices of the 21st Century: Resilient Women Who Rise and Make a Difference with Karen’s heart story, “The Answer is To Be!”



Family genetics – comparative DNA testing plus genealogy research of mostly Celtic, French and Québecois (See “Watson Family Tree” on MyHeritage.com; “Watson Family Tree” on Ancestry.com; and DNA tree on 23andme.com) – August 2021, RIP Cousin Margaret Mary Salome O’Neill Timmons (a proud 100 years and 10 weeks old); June 2021, RIP Uncle Redmond Charles Hamilton Quain (93 years young).

Twins research and art installation ideas, Generations art installations (see Portfolio page)

Writing: Watch the August 2021, Karen Joan Watson – Interview “on writing” (20 mins) by Canadian Military Spouses Book Club 


Eco-art installations like “Crown of Thorns,” landart, environmental awareness, sense of place, belonging, language, geology, growing awareness of indigenous peoples’ history and culture (see Portfolio page and About)

My eco-art (ecoart) is featured in the book, Art for Earth’s Sake: The Millennium Project

Eco-art and heart story: Video interview by artsvlogger-Multiple Arts: “Karen Joan Watson, Eco-Artist and Author, Ottawa, Canada” (45 mins)

Not all those who wander are lost.



Karen Joan Watson, writer, author, visual artist, eco-artist

(aka Karen J. Watson, aka KJ Watson, aka K. J. Watson)

Belonging: heart, genetics, geography


Ottawa, Canada

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