On writing, interview by Canadian Military Spouses Book Club

In an interview (20 mins) On Writing by the lead of the Canadian Military Spouses Book Club in August 2021, Christine Snider asks questions about why and what I write. We talk about the #VoicesOfThe20thCentury book, why I wrote about my heart journey, and other co-authors’ work. As well, we talk about resilient women I admire, like Women Speakers Association creator, Gail Watson, my mother, and others, like politician/journalist Chrystia Freeland. It’s fun!

Published by Karen J. Watson

Writer and artist, former Government of Canada manager in marketing-communications. Currently synthesizing life-and-death experiences; working on project of belonging -- of family genetics (heart), geography and natural cycles of growth and decay. Expressed through eco-art installation, writing fiction, memoir and poetry. Chapter re heart journey is "The Answer is To Be!" to be published in anthology, Voices of the 21st Century: Resilient Women Who Rise and Make a Difference (publishing date, February 23, 2021, Women Speakers Association) - kjwatson.ca

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